Cub Scout Camping FAQs

Pack 16 hosts family campouts twice a year.  Review these tips and our gear checklist to prepare for a great camping overnighter!

Pack 16 Tips for a Great Cub Scout Campout: 

1). A full cub scout or Webelos uniform is required on all camping trips and scout events. Scouts should always wear uniforms when traveling and arrive at the campsite in full uniform  Jeans or shorts are acceptable.

2). Allow your scout to pack his or her own bag. Packing your bag is part of ” owning your world” on campouts and then your scout will know where to find something when it’s needed.  Let them use the checklist (download below) to check items off as they pack up.

3). EVERY CAMPER should bring his or her own mess kit.  This kit includes a plastic plate, bowl, cup, and utensils (fork/spoon) in a mesh bag to hang and dry after washing. Pack 16 practices low impact camping principles by not using paper plates and cups to minimize our waste.

4). Bring sturdy hiking boots or shoes as well as rain gear. We camp RAIN or SHINE.  You don’t need to go out and buy something new, just bring what works best for you and scout.  And FYI: rain ponchos do not work well at keeping you dry while camping.

5). Do not bring any technology devices, toy guns, matches, lighters or tanks. This means no iPhones, iPads. Gameboys, or Nerf/Airsoft/Squirt guns. If it has a screen, leave it at home. If you don’t think you should bring it, you probably should not.

6). NEVER bring food into your tent. There are all kinds of critters who are adept at breaking into your tent – don’t tempt them to make a mess.

What the Pack Provides                         

      • Food for all meals – each Den cooks one meal
      • Water, Coffee, Juice
      • Dutch Ovens for cooking
      • Charcoal and chimneys
      • Food prep utensils
      • Aluminum foil, garbage bags, etc.
      • Dining/Rain canopies
    • Firewood
What your Family Needs to Bring  
Download:  Pack16_Family_Campout _Checklist_2019
  • Camping Equipment (tent, groundcloth, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, flashlight, travel cofee mug for coffee drinkers)
  •  Clothes bag (uniform, rain gear, warm jacket, fleece, PJs, Shorts, Pants, Underwear, socks, hat, durable shoes, extra socks/t-shirts, etc.
  • Toilet Kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth,soap, deoderant, toilet paper, extra plastic bag or container)
  • Family Gear (lawn chair(s), water bottles
  • First Aid Kit ( a pre-packaged first aid kid, sunscreeen, insect repellent)


  • Extras (Sunglasses,notebook,nature books, camera, binoculars, fishing pole and gear, pocket knife (certified Bears and Webelos only), scout handbook