A child who is 10 years old or is in the fourth grade is a Webelo.

Like all other new Cub Scouts, a Webelo must first earn the Bobcat rank. After completing the requirements for Bobcat s/he may go on to complete the requirements for the Webelo rank and the many electives that are offered for rank.

Meet your Bear Den Leader

Jonathan Ashton

At summit of Clouds Rest in Yosemite (in a Pack 16 Class B T-Shirt!)

My name is Jonathan Ashton and I am the Den Leader for the Weblos. All eighteen of them. Somebody told me that all it would take was an hour a week to be a den leader. That person needs a new watch!

Favorite camp song or skit?
Favorite song: Yogi Bear, of course.
Favorite skit: Sven’s Younger Brother, Hans (to be debuted in Fall 2018).

Your go-to scout gear?
I always bring The Hotel, a 10-person tent, to all campouts. Lots of room and plenty of gear storage.

Pinewood Derby: Fastest car or best design?
I am all about the speed. Been racing the same car since I was a Webelo.

Your favorite scouting memory?
Favorite memories are of bonding with the kids on campouts. Wonderful to see everyone enjoy the outdoors and explore new experiences.

Why do you volunteer?
Scouting is more important than ever before. It helps kids grow in ways that no other experience can provide. I volunteer to help be a positive influence on the maturation of these kids.

Select the component of the Scout Law that means a lot to you.
Helpful: Being helpful contains many of the other parts of the Scout Law. If every Scout can be helpful in some way every day then we are teaching them the right way to contribute to their communities.

Coolest adventure you’ve ever been on?
Just got back from backpacking in Yosemite (July 2018). Was not on a Scout trip but the experience has created such a lasting impact on me that I am sure to be back with Scouts in tow sometime soon.

What scares you in the dark?
Cubmaster Chip’s snoring

What is the most challenging part of being a Scout leader?
Making sure every Scout gets as much out of the program as possible. That, and trying to get 18 fourth graders to pay attention…