A 6 year old or child in Kindergarten joins Cub Scouting with a parent or adult guardian. This is unique relative to other ranks in Cub Scouting. Lions and their adult partners are just that, partners. They attend meetings together, go on adventures like field trips together, and complete requirements together.

Meet the Lion Den Leader

Cate Readling


Founder of Pack 16 and currently Lion Den Leader. My husband, Chip, is our Cubmaster and all six of my family members are registered in Scouting!

Favorite camp song or skit?
Dirty Socks is my all time favorite skit! Kids can get really silly and lots of room for participation for young and old!

Pinewood Derby: Fastest car or best design? 
Best design because I just love clever ideas! I remember a car that looked like a Hershey bar with a bite out of it- that was awesome!

Tell us about a component of the Scout Law that means a lot to you.
Helpful. Being helpful can connect you to every other point of the Scout Law. Being helpful makes you feel cheerful, it is kind to be helpful. Cleaning up is helpful, if you are consistently helpful you will be trusted to lend a helping hand which is a form of loyalty. A Scout is expected to behave helpfully and it is therefore obedient to be helpful.

Coolest adventure you’ve ever been on?
Seeing my sons present in the Duty to God breakfast at the BSA National Annual Meeting in 2016.

What scares you in the dark?
Bear sounds outside my tent! (Note: Ms. Readling did not specify whether she meant Cub Scout Bears or wild bears!)