Cubmaster Chip

Hi! I’m Chip Readling, Cubmaster of Pack 16 and Den Leader for the Lion Scouts (kindergarten). I was a Cub Scout in North Carolina and continued on to Boy Scouts. When not Scouting, I develop wind and solar energy projects.

What is your favorite camp song or skit?

Too many to list! I do enjoy the “run-on” skits but my favorites are the ones that are practiced and that everyone can hear (speak loud!).

Tell us about your go-to scout gear.
You can’t beat a good pair of weatherproof, broken-in boots. I’ve seen good camping trips turn bad due to issues with footwear. My 2nd go-to would be my sleeping pad! I think that is self-explanatory.
Pinewood Derby: Fastest car or best design? Which would you rather win and why?

Either one! There’s something magical about watching your Derby car outpace the competition. It’s also exciting to win best design for something you created, but I keep in mind that the Derby isn’t about speed but rather allowing a family to spend time together working on a project.

Tell us about your favorite scouting memory.

My favorite Scouting memory is receiving my Eagle rank! As my Mom was pinning on the medal, I yelled “Ouch!”. I thought it was funny, but Mom didn’t appreciate the joke.

Why do you volunteer?
I volunteer with Scouting because I believe in the values and benefits of the program, not just for youth but also adults. Scouting teaches so many things beyond the camping skills such as citizenship, responsibility and ethics. Scouting also allows youth to experience activities they might miss. Examples of these could be simple things like hiking, fishing, camping and all the Boy Scout merit badge topics….the list goes on and on.
Select the component of the Scout Law that means a lot to you.

Brave. Finding courage to stand up for what is right and working to make a change, even when others disagree, isn’t easy in today’s world. External and internal pressures and expectations – both realistic and unrealistic stifle many voices. Scouting can instill the comfort and provide the support to do be your own voice.

Coolest adventure you’ve ever been on?

Traveling to Spain with my family for over a month was awesome! Experiencing a different country and culture is something everyone should endeavor to do.

What scares you in the dark?

Two things scare me in the dark. First is campfire safety! I want everyone to return home safe and sound and without injury so I’m a real stickler around a camp fire. The second is to discover a hole in the roof of my tent during a rain storm. There’s not much worse than having to get out of a comfy sleeping bag to patch a tent in a downpour as your gear gets soaked!

Where do you see Scouting in 5 years?
Available to ALL youth without exception. Scouting provides a program that everyone should experience.