Assistant Cubmaster Andy

Meet Assistant Cubmaster Andy

I am Andrew Bertocchini, the Assistant Cubmaster for Pack 16. I am a Lead Field Services Engineer for two hospitals in the Amita Healthcare system. I am married to Samantha Arnold, and my son Aidan, is a Scout in Troop 16.

Oh and I’m Batman.

Favorite camp song or skit?
My favorite skit is Sven, you can ask me why when you meet me.

Your go-to scout gear?
Hmmm, my Scout belt. Without it my pants will fall down. Also, I love my Dutch Oven. I can cook for a Pack of 60 with my Dutch Oven.

Pinewood Derby: Fastest car or best design? 
Sorry, I have to go with both. Fastest means the Scout paid attention to the physics of making a go fast car. But then how can you not appreciate the work that goes into a fine ride?

Favorite scouting memory?
Ha, it was on the last campout when a Tiger tent-shamed me. I was sleeping in a small two-person tent. He came up to me and said “that’s your tent?” I replied, “Yes”. He asked incredulously “You sleep in that tent?” I replied again, “Yes”. Then he points to where his family’s tent was set up, this big huge tent that looked like a four-car garage, and said “That’s a tent!”

Why do you volunteer?
Wow, are you trying to make me cry? Scouting has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. My son has grown so much because of his Scouting experience. I owe so much to the Scouts for this, I will be forever grateful. So the least I could do is be around to help out.

Tell us about the component of the Scout Law that means a lot to you.
Brave. My son teaches me what being brave is everyday, he is my Hero.

Coolest adventure you’ve ever been on?
Cool factor would have to be the fifteen-day Mediterranean Cruise I took with Samantha. We saw a lot of the world on that trip.

But, there have been several Chicago to Mackinac sailboat races that would turn your hair white. So you decide.

Why Pack 16?
When Aidan was born, his mother and I decided that there was no way he would be a Scout. We disagreed with the stance the BSA took on gay leaders. But along came Cate Readling. She envisioned an Inclusive Pack, and she asked if Aidan would be interested in joining. Aidan joined, I joined and Samantha joined; we are all Founders of Pack 16. I could not be more proud to be a part of this wonderful inclusive organization.